Hello world!

Nothing. No, nothing comes to mind when faced with a blank sheet of paper. What do you say ? What can I write ? Who are you ? For that matter, who am i ? Such deep and meaningful contemplations seem pointless in a free-for-all forum such as this. I assume if you are reading this you may be bored, lost, looking for something else, or just clicked the wrong icon. I do that often. But i guess that making mistakes comes with the territory, kinda like walking on two feet comes with being human. Yes, trial and error – don’t you love it ? The school of hard knocks is the classroom where we learn most quickly. Textbooks have their place, no doubt. But nothing beats that experience on a terrifically hot day, ice cream cone in hand, just ready to lick off that spot on top, ooh, so good… when – whoops – the school of hard knocks arrives and the delicious ball of sugar goes plop onto your shoe. Global warming ? Naw, just the school of hard knocks. 8-)

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