Groovy References

Websites I’ve Known and Loved

Wandering thu many website in search of something Groovy, i’ve found a few URL’s that make my heart sing, pulse race or answer a question that GINA ( Groovy In Action ) did not. Here are a few : to develop simple groovlets.

for the grails addicts among you,

Mr Haki offers us a wealth of lesser known groovy features: He often has great write-ups on deep subject matter of a groovy nature. I’ve put him on my google alert. Thanx Mr. Haki !!

The IBM series on groovy can be see here in this example. There are several other posts on the IBM boards :

MongoDB lovers can look here : I haven’t used mongoDB myself as i prefer Derby for persistent storage, at least until i understand google app engine cloud engineering a little better 8}

To render JSON and XML content in MongoDB using groovy, look here for a tutorial: I found that once i started down the route to programming HTML5 and CSS3 for recent browsers like Chrome 9.0, i needed to know a lot more about the formatting of data coming back from my server. So this is where the JSON format became so handy.

James Williams reviews MongoDB and groovy: Jimmy also has a lot of good stuff, though somewhat dated now.

Groovy’s use of XML Slurper is well known. Here’s another example :

Developing Web-services with groovy and soap-ui plug-ins are here:—developing-web-service-with-groovy. Depending on your communications strategy, REST-ful services may or may not be sufficient, SOAP can offer a more robust approach.

a Last-minute find :

Anand Sharma’s uses groovy to write CGI code:

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