Cherokee Web Server on Ubuntu 10.10

Hello world 🙂

Started reading a tutorial on web servers and seems like apache is not the only game in town. Cherokee offers some amazing speed improvements above those of apache and it is much better at scaling up for large volumes of hit. This article was in LXF142 – March, 2011 issue of  LinuxFormat from

So thought i might try it. I have an old Sony laptop FX501, 256MB memory & 1GZ cpu with a blitzed keyboard and cracked display panel – no i cannot read it, but did manage to install ubuntu 9.04 some time ago and after sorting out the problems with the broadcom pcmcia wireless connection, i could use Chicken-VNC from my iMac PPC. This iMac baby has a beautiful 19″ swing-arm display panel, so it’s short on horse-power and 768MB of memory is slow, but the keyboard is brill as is the display panel. So started upgrading my old sony, did backups – you DO take backups don’t you ???

Have now loaded further modules onto the sony and it is now at ubuntu 10.10 and soon to become ubuntu 11.04 when released.

To do a proper install, have to use ubuntu terminal to stop both apache and tomcat6 which run at system BOJ.

/etc/init.d/tomcat6 stop
/etc/init.d/apache2 stop

Did a Cherokee server install using the instructions here :

have created a test php page as described called /var/www/info.php, did

chmod a+x info.php
chmod 777 info.php

just to avoid permission issues.

killed both apache and tomcat servers, then did:

/etc/init.d/cherokee start

which worked ok and started Opera browser, then keyed this in my browser address bar :


to confirm cherokee is running ok. Then when i try


it does not send the php file thru the parser, but brings up a DOWNLOADING FILE dialog, to let me save the source.

Think i may need to change a config table somewhere to make it happen, but where ???


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