Cherokee Web Server – Part 2

Why wouldn’t the PHP pages display correctly in my browser ? Found the answer here:

Just looked at this post again and feel that it’s too short of screen shots of the cherokee admin panels and tabs. Check back again soon as i hope to have additional panel views to guide you further on this venture. 🙂

We need the cherokee-admin feature,  so from a terminal command line type:

cherokee-admin -b

then open a browser and in the address bar, type:


to bring up the cherokee admin feature. The whole idea is simple once you see how, look across top for the VSERVER icon and click that. Down the left side is a list of your virtual servers, i only have one, so it’s called default. Click that to see a set of tabs like BASIC, HOST MATCH, BEHAVIOR, etc. Click the BEHAVIOR choice then at the bottom is RULE MANAGEMENT button. Click that.

This will take you to a BEHAVIOR panel with a + sign which you click. This opens a dialog of different kinds of servers you could install. Click LANGUAGES to see choices of PHP and .NET, etc. Click PHP then click ADD button at bottom.

You may need to use a terminal session to find out if you have FAST CGI features. In terminal, type:

php-cgi -v

to see your featureset. If you see (cgi-fcgi) then you have fast cgi processing available to you.

Back on the BEHAVIORS panel you should now see Extensions PHP on the left and on the right side, your handler can now be FAST-CGI

Finally be sure to click the SAVE button at top of admin panel. You can choose a graceful server restart. In a browser address type:


just to see if things are running ok. Mine was not. So i tried stopping and restarting the server. From a terminal session, type:

/etc/init.d/cherokee status

to review the server status, and since mine was still running, i had to key:

/etc/init.d/cherokee stop


/etc/init.d/cherokee start

then from a browser address bar, typed:


to bring up a full panel of cherokee server stats about PHP. Sit back, have a cuppa and admire your work 🙂

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