Mozilla Firefox 5 for Apple PPC iMac / Macbook G3, G4 and G5

FloodGap Systems LogoLooks like the next release from Mozilla will be Firefox 5 and since Mozilla do not offer releases for our Apple PPC systems, Floodgap Systems are right on the ball with a new version of tenfourfox 5.0. This is the firefox 5.0 browser code modified to run on older Apple PPC systems. It uses the graphic processing units of our elderly Apples much more actively. You can read the developer blogg here  and download your copy here. You will need to know which processor your Apple has, and the download instructions will show you how to find out which one you need.

See my post here if you need a version of Firefox 4.0 tuned for Apple PPC’s.

Ok, get cracking !!!

UPDATE: See this later post about Firefox 7 for PPC Apples.

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