Mozilla Firefox 6 for Apple PPC iMac / Macbook G3, G4 and G5

Looks like it’s time for another interation of the next Mozilla Firefox brand. This time round, we’re onto Firefox 6. As you may remember, Apple Mac PPC flavors of kit have been left behind, so once again we turn to Floodgap Software for an alpha version of the next F/F 6. They explain it better here if you need more details on how it’s done.

Notable features in F/F 6 are hidden, though a small performance improvement is always welcome on memory-starved systems. There are a few HTML5 additions and Mozilla’s version of WebSockets is welcome, though proprietary as the WebSockets spec’s are not well defined as of yet. Flash-enabled players or applications will not work in F/F 6 because plug-ins are disabled by default (they can be re-enabled). This will force F/F to offer you other choices to play video content, such as WebM or H264. You can use about:config to reach the re-able feature, but better read the reasons here as to why tenfourfox will not be able to support them, unless you are really lucky.

The big performance improvement of much better memory management will arrive in F/F 7, possibly due to better garbage collection in memory management.

Tenfourfox turns your Apple into a Happy Bunny !

So to pick your beta flavor of tenfourfox v6 to download, go here. For downloads from google code, which may be faster, choose this but you must know which processor you have or the wrong choice will not perform as expected

UPDATE: See this later post about Firefox 7 for PPC Apples.

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