Gretty Light-Weight Web Services Framework – Part Two

Thought to push the boundary a little with Gretty to see how i could have my browser provide more than a single data value to the server, but am handicapped by a severe shortage of javadocs or documentation.

Now let’s have two data values from the browser: name and game. The address in my browser looks like this :


To see more detail here, then click to grow :

Gretty Server Test
Gretty Server Test of Several Data Values

You can see these changes to the template file as follows :

<h1>index.gpptl code</h1>
  <p>I/P Address is ${addr}</p>
  <p>Host name is ${hname}</p>
  <p>Canonical name is ${cname}</p>
  <p>Here is message 1: ${message1}</p>
  <p>Here is message 2: ${message2}</p>

and we’ve added a further message 2 to show all the data values coming from the browser.

import org.mbte.gretty.httpserver.* 


def addr = InetAddress.localHost.hostAddress
def hname = InetAddress.localHost.hostName
def cname =InetAddress.localHost.canonicalHostName

GrettyServer server = []
server.groovy =
    localAddress: new InetSocketAddress("localhost", 8080),
        response.redirect "/"
		def namelist = request.getParameters()
   		response.html = template("index2.gpptl", [message: "Hello ${request.parameters['name']}", message1: "${request.parameters['game']}", message2:(namelist)?:'none', addr:"${addr}",hname:"${hname}",cname:"${cname}"    ])
        } // end of get
    } // end of


Have added a further bit of logic to get the list of all data parameters in the request.

namelist = request.getParameters()

and message two now shows us the map of data values. You can see the implied ‘name’ from the browser URL :

[game:polo, name:Mike]

Reading References: Interview with Alex Tkachman, creator of groovy++ and used as foundation of gretty web server. Can greety scale ? CAN GRETTY SCALE ? Read This !

Another IBM DeveloperWorks article has more examples of gretty in action.

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