Cherokee Web Server – Part 5 – How To Update in Ubuntu 11.04

The final part of this saga follows as I forgot to tell you about the issues in upgrading a Cherokee version, if you have already had a prior version installed. You read in a previous post how there might be an artifact in the sources.list pointing to an older PPA archive for Cherokee. In that file, it was necessary to remove the DEB and DEB-SRC entries for the Cherokee PPA.

Another issue arose when clicking the Apply button in Synaptic. This was a report of a conflict between the existing /etc/apt/cherokee.conf and a new version that was to be installed for version 1.2.98. I was given a choice to keep the existing version or replace the existing version. So before taking that choice, pulled up a terminal session, changed directories to /etc/cherokee and did a

sudo mv cherokee.conf cherokee.conf.bak

to preserve my old settings. Needed to be root to get over the security bits. Then click the
replace button to do the deed.

I’m going to ‘diff’ the two versions and report back to you when the differences can be identified. I’m rather sure that these differences relate to the server and vserver entries created in the existing version as now under 1.2.98, Cherokee does not ‘see’ any of those settings, so conclude this .conf file has those settings. More later.

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