Mozilla Firefox 8.0 ( Tenfourfox for Apple G3, G4, G5 PPC iMacs, etc. )

Looks like we will soon have a beta release of Firefox 8.0 for Apple PPC architectures. Watch this space.



Ok, we now have a link to the tenfourfox version 8.0 of Firefox. See it here.

Version 8 offers us a nice check facility of all add-ons in use. This way we can enable/disable add-ons to improve performance, that no longer work, or that we have forgotten we had installed. All this comes at the loss of parity on visual equality. Featureset equality remains, so everything runs the same on tenfourfox as on mozilla’s firefox, it’ just that things like borders and other bits of chrome on the browser window will not always appear to be the same. Further code has been developed to make tenfourfox use the ImageIO’s AltiVec-accelerated JPEG decoder, which improves overall rendering of JPEG images on G4 and G5 by almost 125%. Nice.

Pick up a copy using the links below. You will need to know which processor chipset your system has.

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