New Domain Purchase from

Did a recent purchase of a new domain name of from and they provide one email address for free. Was lucky enough to capture this domain name for the relatively new .info suffix for the amazing sum of €1.62 for one year. So thought i’d try this one for a year and if it works, can renew it later.

The email address can be any choice you like. For my test purposes, i created a single email address of forwardto and therefore all mail traffic for this new site goes into and from and this choice allowed godaddy to set up the domain name server ( DNS ) control records. These control records govern where/when/how various programs in the wild can talk to a domain website.

After using paypal to complete the purchase, the new domain became active with a few minutes. Godaddy also offered to construct a place holder page for my new website until i have time to build one myself. I tend to choose my new web site template from and will do so again.

What i did want to note is that since we are in europe, the dns control records are not setup correctly for the C and MX record types. Instructions on how to fix MX records to do that can be found here. These values typically hold the american choices.

If you read this you will find that both the C and MX records need to be corrected to point to the european name and dns servers, if you are not in the american zones.

If you need to check the email account for your new domain, you should log on to your godaddy account. Your display shouuld look like this, so to check your mail, click the EMAIL tab and at the bottom of that is the clickable link to maintain mail for your new domain.

Godaddy menu to review website emails
Godaddy menu to review website emails

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