Backup / Export Bookmarks from Firefox 13

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Just loaded version 13 which looks almost the same as previous versions, but the bookmark export feature seems to have changed a bit since F/F 12.0. I have a shed load of history and old bookmarks in all my browsers : Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.

So i wanted to find out how to export and save all those URL’s. After much searching, found this: It says :

Backup and restoring

Manual backup

  1. On the menu bar, click Bookmarks and select Show All Bookmarks to open the Library window.

  2. In the Library window, click the  Import and Backup button and then select Backup….
  3. In the Bookmarks backup filename window that opens, choose a location to save the file, which is named bookmarks-“date”.json by default. The desktop is usually a good spot, but any place that is easy to remember will work.
  4. Save the bookmarks json file. The Bookmarks backup filename window will close and you can close the Library window.

Here are some screenshots :To work with bookmarks, click Bookmarks in the menu. this should offer you a sub menu like this. Then click Show All Bookmarks to follow the trail to the next step.

See that button top left that looks like a Star ? Click that to open a sub-menu with options. Because the tool i’m writing can consume HTML, i clicked the Export Bookmarks To HTML choice.

Here you can see the Save As menu from my Apple.Typically, i export and import lots of stuff to my downloads folder. I know i can go back later and delete those items as they are typically short-lived. The Firefox export feature suggests a filename of bookmarks.html and as that is ok with me i click SAVE button, then run my tools over the exported HTML file.

But this just keeps my Firefox bookmarks. I must use the export feature of each of my browsers to export their respective bookmarks. I really need to keep all these bookmarks in one place. Well, with Firefox 13.0, I can.

How can we do that ?

Glad you asked.

Firefox 13.0 has a shiny new feature to import bookmarks from other browsers you may already have on your current computer. It will NOT import bookmarks from browsers on other machines! So if, like me, you have several systems, you might need to install Firefox 13.0 on each system and do this same routine on each system. Then you could copy the consolidated set of bookmarks from each system onto one system. Then you could use the bookmark import feature to build up a full, complete, consolidated set of bookmarks from all your browsers on all your systems ! Easy !!! – Well, ok, I jest, but at least it is do-able and well within the range of skills you already have.

Go for it !

Alternate Access to the Bookmarks feature
Alternate Access to the Bookmarks feature

Did i say that you can reach the bookmarks menu from the same STAR button at the top right of your Firefox 13.0 screen?

Just loaded Firefox 13.0 onto my Windows 7 system. It works the same, though the panels do not look much like my Apple version. The menubar in windows offers the same set of choices, one of which is the BOOKMARK option. If you are on windoze and click that menu option, you’ll see a small display like this. The Library window opens. The right-most menu option there is after the yellow star symbol marked as Import and Backup and if you click that, you’ll find the same set of options as the Apple version of Firefox 13.0.

Windows 7 Version of Firefox 13.0 Bookmarks
Windows 7 Version of Firefox 13.0 Bookmarks

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