Import Bookmarks from Other Browsers Using Firefox 13

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Just loaded version 13 which looks almost the same as previous versions. I’ve been exploring some of the latest features in this version of the venerable browser.

I’m assuming you are reading this post as you are interested in the bookmarking process of Firefox. Perhaps you have problems with your bookmarks, or want to collect all your bookmarks that you made earlier in different browsers into a single collection, or you just want to know more, so read on.

What Are Bookmarks ?

Each time you visit website pages on the internet, your browser remembers the address of those pages and keeps them in a history file. All browsers do this, not just Firefox. Using the HISTORY menu option at the top of your browser screen, you can review the web pages you’ve visited. Bookmarks are addresses that you choose to remember, or rather, to ask your browser to remember, so that you can reach them again later.

Copy Bookmarks From Other Browsers

The new version of Firefox 13.0 has a shiny new feature to copy all the bookmarks from other browsers on your computer. It does this by finding out which browsers are located on your system, and then reading the bookmarks from their bookmark respoitory. This allows a copy process to include bookmarks that you might have made while using another internet browser on the same computer.


Here is an example, i did on my Apple Mac using Firefox 13.0.

Choose Bookmark Menu Option from Firefox Menu
Choose Bookmark Menu Option from Firefox Menu

Click the BOOKMARKS option to see a choice starting with SHOW ALL BOOKMARKS. Click this to reach this display :

This is the option you need to choose.

Import Menu Option
Import Menu Option
Choose which browsers to copy from. Note that Firefox may not ‘see’ all the browsers on your system. On my systems it did not find my Opera or Arora web browsers but it did find Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
Choice of Browsers To Copy Bookmarks From
Choice of Browsers To Copy Bookmarks From
You can pick which resources to copy from other browser(s). This is a non-destructive copy so you will not loose anything in the other browsers.
Choose Which Features To Copy
Choose Which Features To Copy
Successful Imports look like this. Hope yours worked ok.
Successful Import
Successful Import

Sample Bookmarks Successfully Imported – If you export as an html file now, your exported file will show the complete collection of bookmarks from your selected import browsers.

Sample Bookmarks Successfully Imported
Sample Bookmarks Successfully Imported

Hope that helps a little. 🙂

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