Opera Web Browser 12.0 Flys !

On a dual-core Intel Apple MacBook, i was quite happy with google’s chrome web browser. I rarely found Safari or Firefox to be as fast or capable.
My previous ‘new best friend’ was Google’s Chrome browser – build 20

Have just loaded this version of Opera and i can sure tell the difference in this version compared to the prior Opera build. My Apple MacBook spec is something like this :

When compared to google’s chrome browser, this baby just flies !! Perhaps they have found a way to make use of dual-core intel chips, dunno, but it’s worth your time. Look here: http://www.opera.com/support/ for details.

It has a super bookmark import feature. Your Opera tool to manage bookmarks starts here:

Opera Bookmark import feature

I was able to export all my google chrome bookmarks as an .html file into my Downloads folder. Then, after loading the new Opera, i could effortlessly import that chrome .html file into my Opera browser bookmarks.

Note that since there is no import choice for Chrome bookmarks, i used the Firefox choice and it still worked a treat thus importing some 750 bookmarks from my old ‘new best friend’ to my new best friend, Opera

Opera Web Browser 12.0

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