GitHub User Documentation


The Github facility offers us several ways to craft documentation and ‘how to’s for our users.


The wiki feature for each repository gives us a way to build interactive guides, instructions, install plans, etc. I don’tknow much about this yet, though will explore it in more detail later and report back to you when i figure it out.

Reference documents that explain a lot of detail can be found here for gh-pages. A nice guide to use the inbuilt web page generator can be found

Approach Two

Craft a website page within the Github framework that applies to the user – something along the lines of a global page per user. Each Github user can have one of these. To do so, we add a repository to our online github accout with a particular naming convention.  For example if my user identity for Git hub was ‘fred’, then i would make a repository named fred/ and our readers would use a browser address of to read up on our latest exploits !  These are known as user pages.

Approach Three

Generate a website for each of our repositories. These are known as project pages and a generator is available to produce a draft website. The generator offers a choice of styles for our websites. Once we choose a style and generate it with some preliminary content, it becomes available to our users. A browser address like would offer access to the per-repository feature. ‘fred’ would be replaced by your own github user account and the ‘xxxx’ is the name of your repository.

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