How to Stop Facebook Sending Emails to You

I got tired of my googlemail inbox filling up with facebook emails. After some research, here is how i stopped them. Remember that i am writing this in nov.2013, so this may not work if Facebook change their tools.

1. Sign in to FB

2. Click photo to see larger view Picture 2

3. When you click EDIT this panel appears. Picture 3

4. Change this setting to ‘Only…’. If you see a SAVE button you should clikc that to confirm that’s what you want to do, then click close.

5. The other place you may need to adjust is in the ‘App Requests and Activity’ section at the bottom of the screen. I clicked that to reveal all the tools and apps that are loaded into my F/B account. A few of these apps were ones that i’d chosen, but most were not. So when you click ‘Apps…’ you should see the below. Your list will vary. Uncheck the check box after the apps you do NOT want to send you junk mail. If you see a SAVE button, you should click that to make it permanent. Then click close.
Picture 4

6. Do some F/B action that would cause an email to be sent, or get your friends to do so. Check the email address that belongs to your primary email a/c. Hopefully this should correct the problem.

7. If that does not stop them all, you may need to EDIT other Notification settings from step 2. Just uncheck them and hopefully stop them from sending you stuff. Good luck 🙂

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