Install Cloud Foundry CF Command Line Tool – Part One

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP
HP Pavillion
HP Pavillion

Ok, please don’t laugh, but i still use windowsXP as it’s rather reliable and un-complicated. Have an aging HP Pavillion desktop computer that i’ve had to bring out of storage. Was in a rather cold place so this may caused some of my troubles. After power-up this system would re-boot itself every few hours, then it became so bad it would reboot itself every few minutes and disk access was  problematic too. Think it finally trashed my hard disk as it would not read that either.

Had a copy of Lubuntu 13.10 install disk that i put into this machine. Did you know it has a memory tester utility on the boot loader screen ? Well i never noticed that until now. So ran the memory utility tester. It ran for 30 minutes and reported a bunch of memory failures. Could not tell which bank of memory it was, as my system has four banks of 512MB. And this system needs a minimum of 2 banks, so i took out the left-most two chips and ran the memory test again. Still a few memory failures, so took out one of the installed banks and replaced it with one i had taken out, not knowing exactly which chips had the problems.

Ubuntu Live CD plus 2 broken memory chips
Ubuntu Live CD plus 2 broken memory chips

Restarted system and ran memory tests again for about 30 minutes and – bingo ! – no memory failures. OK that leaves me 1GB of memory but that’s enough for XP ! Wonderful !

Ok, next problem was a blitzed XP operating system, had to re-install that. Using another utility from the ubuntu dvd, i could see that when HP shipped me this box,  HP had kindly created a second disk partition holding a complete restore pack. By pressing keyboard F10 function key during reboot, the restore utility kicked in. It promised NOT to blitz any of my data, so i let it finish, and after about 30 minutes, i had a fresh XP system with my data – what a relief. The wireless network came up almost at once, after putting in the wireless WPA2 security key.

The next step was to restore all the lost user programs i had installed before. Yes, my Ruby, RubyGems and CF cloud foundry command line tools were lost. How to put those in again ?

Part Two reveals all !



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