Groovy 2.3 Json Parser Improvements

Using notes from guillaume’s presentation @devoxx France , i liked these improvements to be able to read framework configuration files using the new json parser. It is tricky if your json payload is not constructed with unquoted keys and quoted strings (but unquoted integers). so tried this sample:

// JSONSlurper for config files using groovy 2.3.0

import groovy.json.*
import static groovy.json.JsonParserType.*
def parser = new  JsonSlurper().setType(LAX)
def conf  = parser.parseText '''
    // no quotes for keys, single quote for values but not integers
    server: 5

assert conf.environment=='production'
println "Number of servers:"+conf.server
println "Server age:"+conf.age

Number of servers:5
Server age:21


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