Cloud Foundry Improves Java Support

Until now, users running Java applications requiring an application server typically relied on Apache Tomcat as the default container in the Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack.

Tomcat is a great light-weight option for many Java web applications supporting the Servlet specification, but there are also many applications that use some Java EE features such as

  • EAR – enterprise archive packaging
  • JMS – java messaging service
  • JDBC Data Sources
  • Cloud Foundry’s Loggregator – a unified log stream
  • Blue-green deployment – a release technique to reduce downtime and risk by running two identical production env.s called Blue and Green
    ( CF version 6 only )
  • plus other application server-specific features not available on Tomcat

The new Oracle WebLogic buildpack along with the recently announced JBoss buildpack, now enables new types of Java applications to run natively on Cloud Foundry.

More Java News on Cloud Foundry

Build Pack Debugging

Do you need to debug build packs ? No, neither do i, but when i grow up and become a hacker, i’m gonna read this:

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