For Our Beautiful

Hi Guys and Dolls !

Just a note to say a GR8 BIG Thank You to each and everyone of you and all your clever crew too – thanx for all your super efforts on the Anynines PaaS project! It’s such a pleasure to work with a solid reliable platform like

I have been surprised that Anynines is not more widely known across the vast internet. To improve that situation, wanted to make a nice introductory tutorial. It could help new users ease their way onto Anynines.

With the kind help of Floor, who provided html color codes and font choices used on Anynines, it was possible to create something that looks (almost) like a native Anynines page.

It’s been some time in the making and it was so much fun too ! Am not worried if you all think it is useless or unnecessary – we can bin it – no worries. Alternatively if you think it might be useful or if you have any ideas or suggestions, or we need to add other topics, then send me some ideas. I’ll put it up on my github acct when it’s finished, so you can clone from there into your own account.

You can always rename it, but as i like george harrison’s album, i’ve nicknamed our tut ‘cloud9‘ 🙂

So enjoy:


( The zip file example is not available yet as i dont have enough resource for that )

Again, thanx for the pleasure !

kind regards


PS – yes i know this tut was for CF v5 and we’ll need to update to CF v6 samples – you were too quick!!! :-}

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