About Face

This technology keeps bugging me to write a bit about moi. It’s my least favorite subject too. Ah, come on kids, don’t ya know this is really unimportant ? If i had spots and green skin and came from Mars (queue thunderous music), then perhaps it would make a big diff. to you, but i doubt it. Just another old goat here, working to understand the world, and make it a little better place – well that’s the idea, really.

I did not want to publish my pix as it would most likely break your screen, but here goes – you HAVE been warned:

some old goat

One thought on “About Face

  1. I tried to leave the comment below on tenfourfox but it wouldn’t let me can you tell me why and/or post it for me? thanks
    “Thank you for posting this and or setting up TenFourFox soi that I could use it on this iMac G5 PPC because of the lack of an Intel processor it’s been driving me mad that I couldn’t use Adblock and Ghostery to block adverts on sites like Youtube it was just like having to watch cable tv there for a while. Someone gave me the iMac to use while I sell my laptop or trade it for a gaming desktop. Since I have started doing that (and by waiting for the right deal) I have been able to trade up slightly each time as I go from laptop to desktop. I know that I will never have to buy another computer again barring an act of God or thief. Luckily there aren’t too many out there that practice this concept or that take the time to research and be patient. Anyway have a great day and thanks again”

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