When it all gets a bit too much…


Do you remember the good old days ? Those were the days when real I.T. developers (‘programmers’, we used to call ourselves) would write code in ink on the back of a napkin. Today, it takes an army of support and backup people just to help a developer get passed the mine-field of firewalls, security, passwords, ping-suppressors, and the like, in order to do battle with the mighty IDE’s of life, the compilers of death who kill your dreams with messages of dread – ‘syntax error’ — arrrgggg…., then you fight the change control systems from venus, the UAT team from hell, your friendly business analyst who claims “thats the way they wanted it“, the project manager with a heat rash, and finally the ‘user’ who instantly slays you with an innocent “that’s not what we wanted“. Let me get a warm cloth for my forehead, while i have a liedown…


I’ve just had a trying session with the open source community known as sourceforge. Having joined a project there, i thought it would be good to join their mailing lists too. But seems that you cannot post unless you first subscribe, after which you must ask permission to post and wait till someone gets around to looking at your request and maybe, just maybe, approving it. Ok, so i know there are so many unhappy people out here who having nothing better to do than spend their entire afternoon before the evening news spamming my site, but dude, if they care enough to spam you, it’s just cos they care, they are the truly dedicated, the great unwashed, 😎 and i must give them credit for being more dilligent than moi. Back to my rant… so after 7, count them ‘seven’, emails from various robots and spam-merchant detectors, i did finally make it on to the short list of the ‘admin’ – ‘she who must be obeyed’. Now will cool my heals while i have another liedown and perhaps my enthusiam to join open source will go away. Now where was that napkin…….

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